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"Abstract Impressionism"

Abstract Impressionism was first seen in New York in 1946. It expresses the artist's emotion and focus on inner energy, and sometimes contemplation, creating expressive, lyrical and thoughtful qualities. In this book I explore Abstract Impressionism through a mixture of photography, image editing apps and composite techniques. A composite photograph uses two or more separate images which have been superimposed to create a more abstract effect. Superimposing one or more photographs on top of each other is as old as photography itself, the difference now is the absolute control that working digitally affords, so it is now an elegant process.

Thousands of image editing apps have been designed for the iPad, but only a handful that allow you to work at a hi-res file size. Up to now image editing has been done by using very large, complex and expensive software, requiring significant investment of time to master the techniques. Working with less complex software apps on the ipad is like a breath of fresh air allowing me to work quicker and more intuitively. Although photography plays an integral role in my work , I think like a painter. My imagery is minimalist and focuses on detail, texture, shape and abstract design.

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